So I made this thing… can be controlled via A/D or left/right.

I am currently studying Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University, with a stronger focus on topics labeled ‘theoretical’ than I probably should have.

In my time off I like to work on game development including the participation in Game Jams. (posted in the respective tab!)

Other Hobbies (past and partially ongoing, can’t do everything same time) of mine are Martial Arts, Swimming, Lifting, Cycling, Lindy Hop, more sporty stuff.

Non-Sporty Hobbies mostly come down to reading up on topics few people care about and over-analysing things. Video games, anime, people, architecture of University Buildings, advertisement… A lot of things really.

Future Plans: I am planning on pulling up a company in cooperation with designer Dmitrij Jazunov and codemonkey-to-be Vasiliy Ulin with a focus of video games and informal education. Let us see how that will work out.