on github LD45 - Ping Pong on itch.io

Theme: "Start with Nothing"

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# Trust me it's more interesting than it sounds.

A storydriven adventure, centered around a protagonist struggling to find the will to break the chains binding them to their monotonous existence.

on github LD41 - Secret of the PeaDucks on itch.io

Theme: "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres"

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You awaken in a strange land filled with incomplete pathways and strange blue ducks… peacocks?
Use the power of your afro to jump your way across and find the lost items of the
ducks, so the path may open.
(what, you thought you were using those tiny legs to jump? pffft)
Default Controls:
Mouse: controls camera, gets captured on click
Keyboard: WASD / UpLeftDownRight-arrow for walking , Space for jumping

LD40 - Overkill Redux on itch.io

Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"

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but if you overkill too much, the game gets pretty difficult pretty fast…

Sauce: Dropbox

on github LD38 - SittingDucks

Theme: "A Small World"

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A magical game full of birds and stuff that explodes… IN SPACE!

Team: Dmitrij (Rik) Jazunov - Art'n'Stuff

LD37 - Find The Room

Theme: "One Room"

One room to rule them all... or something like this.
Q - Menu
WASD - The usual stuff, up left, ...
E - Interact

Team: Dmitrij (Rik) Jazunov - Art'n'Stuff

LD32 - Riddix' Dialogue Adventure

Theme: "An Unconventional Weapon"

Join Riddix as he approaches random foes in an attempt to talk them to death!

Team: Dmitrij (Rik) Jazunov - Art'n'Stuff

LD31 - The 5th Layer

Theme: "Entire Game on One Screen"

The Story of a lone Fire Elemental trying to prove his worth... By Destroying all the Snow Golems!